Causes Of Bloating After Eating


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To our fortune, bloating is not a symptom of serious disease or trouble most the time. Bloating after eating is mostly because of the food that is taken in. Normally bloating and gas is tied and occur depending on what we have. Reduce the intake or eliminate them totally if it is troubling you more. Rezvera which is manufactured in America is well known for tackling bloating. Rezvera is supplied with 90 day money back guarantee.



Over eating: Eating more than a limited amount of food can make you full to the throat. This situation is when one is suffering from hunger for a longer period of time, or when one has their favorite food. This can end up in bloating and formation of gas in stomach making you feel that the stomach has swollen up.

Eating fatty food: Stuffing your stomach with unhealthy foods and fast food can lead to abdominal discomfort like bloating after eating. Fatty food that is rich in fat will take more time to digest than digesting protein and carbohydrates. This will make the stomach full for a longer period of time. One can limit the bloating effect in abdomen by limiting the fats in your diet.

Eating fast: It’s a common scene among school going children or office workers to either skip food or to have it at a faster rate. It is a one of the unhealthy habits followed by most of us in this era. This habit is slow killing by causing dangerous diseases which can be fatal. It is necessary to have breakfast and it is more essential to have it at a slow and calm manner. The presence of mind will also contribute to the digestion and absorption of food. Keep away 20 minutes for having breakfast. Do not mix up other matters in between. It is also proved that eating slowly will help food to get digested in the way it should be and will also help to lose weight.

Gas: The other most common cause of bloating is gas, most of which are swallowed air. The other percentage of gas is produced by the bacterial flora that is present in gut. The bacterial flora rest and digest on the undigested food that is left in the colon and release gases like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane. If you have gas troubles and if you wish to get relieved from it, it is necessary to avoid some simple habits that you may be following daily knowingly or unknowingly,

  • If you have the habit of having juice or shake, do you drink it using a straw? If so, shift the habit by drinking it directly so as to avoid the cause for gas to occur.
  • Addicted to chewing gum? Avoid them. This can lead you to swallow a large amount of air unknowingly. There aren’t any alternatives to it.
  • Love Colorful aerated drinks with gas bubbles? Why taking in gas more if you already have troubles because of it in tummy. Intake of those aerated drinks will make your stomach not only look like a balloon but also will have similar constituents.
  • Candy lover? Don’t suck on them anymore. It has already caused a lot of trouble in your childhood, why create way for more troubles like gas and bloating?
  • Stressed up with life? Relax, problems are common to all. Be bold face them. Tackle them with a calm approach. Stressing up and being more anxious will only help you to worse it and gift you problems like bloating and gas troubles.


Those foods that are difficult to digest on can induce the formation of gas and bloating after eating them. It is surprising that some of the culprits for causing bloating are nutritious and healthy for out body. However one needs to plan and take special care not to eat this flatulence causing food in the same meal or the same day. The main food that cause bloating is:-

Beans: They mainly contains sugar called as oligosaccharides. These oligosaccharides are a little difficult for our gastro intestinal track to get it digested. Hence it is mostly left to the bacteria due to the inability of small intestine to digest and absorb it. The bacterial flora will act on them and break them down which will give the byproducts of gas like oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. And the main culprit that let other knows about your gas troubles are methane and sulfur compounds. Lentils also contain oligosaccharides and cause the same mechanism in the body leading to gas and bloating.

Fruits & vegetables: Most of them would have experienced bloating after eating certain fruits and vegetables. The main vegetables and fruits that caused bloating after eating them are cabbage, cauliflower, apricots, prunes, apples and watermelon. They contain sugar that is difficult to digest and initiate flora in the gut to get activated and start working on them.

Sweeteners: Sorbitol and Fructose are sweet in taste but not sweet to our digestive system. Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener and fructose is a natural sugar that is preferred to be added to many processed food. Beware of these processed additional ingredients. Read the labels and limit the consumption.

Dairy products: Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ice creams can be a source of digestive troubles and end in creating bloating after eating them. Lactose is the sugar that makes these foods to cause bloating. After having them, lactose or milk sugar depends on bacteria for it to get digested.

Whole grains: Whole grains which contain a lot of health benefits might also supply you with bloating after eating them. They are healthy to us because it is rich in fiber content. But increase in fiber content in the intestine beyond a limit can cause bloating after eating them in huge amounts. Your body needs time to adjust to the amount of whole grains that is taken. So initially, start with smaller amounts.

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