Resveratrol – Natural Supplement

Resveratrol – Natural Supplement


Rezvera is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that helps in curing most of the digestive disorders. The users of Rezvera have found the medical supplement so useful such that it fulfilled their needs beyond their expectations.

Resveratrol is known to have antioxidant and helps in protecting our body from various kinds of damages that can be a cause to cancers and heart diseases. Because of its natural health benefits, many medical manufacturing companies utilize and include resveratrol in their products and medicines. Rezvera is one such natural product that utilizes resveratrol benefits by choosing it as one of its main ingredient. Its presence in Rezvera has helped to gain its popularity and to rank it as one of the best medical supplement for treating intestinal discomforts.


It is chemically named as 3,5,4’- trihydroxystibene. It is a derivative of stilbene. Resveratrol is available in two main geometric isomers. Cis and trans. Both can be in free state or can be seen in bound to glucose. The trans form has the ability to undergo isomerization and transfer itself to cis form in the presence of ultraviolet radiation. This process is called as photoismerization. The ultra violet rays can produce photochemical reaction at a higher degree which produces Resveratrone which is a fluorescent molecule


Resveratrol are mainly obtained from red grapes, red wine, peanuts, mulberries, blueberries and raspberries.


Resveratrol gets easily digested and metabolized in our body. Gut and liver are the two prime areas for its metabolism to occur. Lungs are also engaged in its metabolism.


Buccal delivery: Resveratrol is directly absorbed through the tissues and cells that are present in the oral cavity. This will happen only when the resveratrol is in pill form. However the route is questioned as resveratrol has very less aqueous solubility. This limits it from being absorbed totally through buccal route. When it is absorbed through buccal route, it is expected to pass through the mucous membrane that is present in oral cavity. This is absorbed only as an oral dose.

Oral route: A very large amount of resveratrol is necessary for its presence to be detected in blood. This is due to the hepatic gluconuridation and sulfation that is very extensive in case of resveratrol. Studies show that when almost 70-75% of resveratrol is administered and absorbed, the bioavailability was only traces- 0.5%. This dose is very less to be effective in its benefits that are provides to the body.


Most researches related to resveratrol are done in test tubes and in animals. The findings include the following.

HEART DISEASES: Resveratrol is known to reduce inflammation. It aids in blocking the oxidation of bad cholesterol. It prevents the formation of platelet to stick together leading to clots and hence prevent the blockage in heart and the valves of circulatory system. It is these clots that can lead to heart attack and many other major diseases of heart that can end up in death of the patient.

CANCER: Resveratrol helps in preventing the increase in number of cancer cells by triggering apoptosis which is a process of cell death that are cancerous.

ALZHEIMERS DISEASE: Resveratrol has proved to protect nerve cells and prevents its damage. It also aids in preventing the pilling up of plaques thereby preventing the Alzheimer’s disease.

DIABETES: Resveratrol helps in preventing the body from being less sensitive to the benefits of the insulin which is blood lowering hormone. This condition is normally called as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs mostly prior to diabetes condition.

LONGETIVITY: Consuming resveratrol can help in living a long life, irrespective to the unhealthy life style that is followed. Studies were done in mice. It was fed with high calorie diet and with resveratrol. It lived longer than the mice that were fed with high calorie diet alone.


SKIN PROTECTIVE: Resveratrol is known for its anti oxidant properties. It had helped to block the oxidative stress induced by the UV rays. This blockage will prevent skin ageing.

METABOLISM: The studies on resveratrol and the metabolism are very few in numbers. Some data recommend that they help in metabolism of our body. They also help in controlling the biomarkers of diabetes. Evidence is required before recommending this for treatment and for better metaobolic activities.

ANTI DEPRESSENT: Few studies have shown that resveratrol helps as an antidepressing agent. However the effects on humans are not clear and approved.

ACTIVATION OF SIRTUIN: Researchers believe that resveratrol helps in activating a gene called as SIRT1 gene which is responsible for the protection of the body against obesity and other fatal diseases. But some experiments proved that it was of poor quality.

SUPPLEMENTATION OF RESVERATROL: Because of its extensive benefits that one can grabber, it was picked up as the ingredient by many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The supplements vary in doses and purity. One should always choose a better quality, standardized and approved companies Resveratrol rather than considering price in the preference list.


Since the studies were almost done in animals, the side effects in humans are not confirmed. But researches have come up conveying that it has interactions with blood thinners such as warfarin, NSAID’s like ibuprofen and aspirin which will increases the chance for bleeding which won’t clot soon.

FDA hasn’t regulated any restrictions on resveratrol supplements. This had made customers difficult to finalize if it safe to be used in medical supplements and in recommended dose as ingredient which varies according to the manufacturers product.

The dose of resveratrol varies. Most of the supplements contain 250- 500mg of rezveratrol.

Long term usage of Resveratrol needs more study and the sideeffects are still currently unknown through practical knowledge directly.

Safer steps from higher authorities should be moved to avoid the dangerous side effects of resveratrol to the public rather than waiting for a tragedy to occur in the name of rezveratrol. More studies and researches should be conducted to confirm its effect on the human body. Until the quality and quantity of resveratrol is researched and fixed, do not consume much of resveratrol. It would be better to take a medical concern before using Resveratrol.

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