Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease (IBS) In Men

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease (IBS) In Men


Rezvera is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that helps in curing most of the digestive disorders. The users of Rezvera have found the medical supplement so useful such that it fulfilled their needs beyond their expectations.

Irrespective of gender, Rezvera is a natural supplement that can be consumed by both women and men for treating IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Rezvera will also help you to solve the symptoms of IBS. There actually lies no difference between the gut or digestive processes of men and women as GIT is neutral while considering gender. IBS is not a disease that occurs in men alone. Women too are reported to have more troubles that are caused by IBS. But there lies some difference in characters of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome is almost the same for women and men, but this won’t be the same while considering it in population, functional, physiology, response of the changes in treatment. The changes are mainly in response to treatment and the experience of the patient to illness. However one should seek medical advice from medical professionals on medications, diet plan, and diagnose it well and confirm it as IBS regardless of gender.



Reports convey that there lies a difference of IBS in western countries and eastern countries. In western countries, women are more prone to have IBS than men. The ratio of predilection is 3:1. The studies reveal the ratio stands out because the men consulting about the symptoms, troubles and for treatment of IBS are very less and remains unknown in statistics. In eastern countries, men are more in ratio of 4:1. In those countries more men consult doctors to seek advice and get it treated. It is also found that cultural, educational and other social backgrounds affect a person choice. But studies have shown that it’s only a small portion of the suffers who report to a doctor to get IBS to be confirmed and get it treated.


There are two main criteria for diagnosing IBS, named as Manning and Rome II. In these criteria, manning criteria seems to be more effective for diagnosing IBS in women than in men. This study reveals that men reports less symptoms of bloating, mucus secretion in stool, incomplete evacuation etc. For females the IBS is triggered during menstrual cycle in females.

Diagnostic criteria were less effective in men than in women in the past. But currently the diagnostic criteria seem to be the same in men and in women. There are hormonal effects that are happening in women more than in men. Women with or without the IBS has reported changes with the intestine. Symptoms before and through the time of periods has reported to be severe and intense with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Manning criteria: Manning et al has prepared criteria for the diagnosis of IBS in humans.

According to it, if one has abdominal pain with minimum of below mentioned symptoms, it is diagnosed as IBS

  • Pain which is eased or reduced after bowel movements
  • Thin stools which are loose
  • Increase in frequency of bowel movements at beginning of pain
  • Abdominal distension
  • Feeling of incomplete bowel movement

ROME II criteria for IBS

Having abdominal pain or discomfort for more than twelve weeks in the past 1 year with any of the below mentioned three features diagnose it as Irritable Bowel disease. The criteria of twelve months need not be consecutive in the absence of abnormalities – metabolically and structurally.

  • Pain relieving with defecation
  • Pain with a change in bowel movements
  • Onset of pain with a difference in appearance of stool.

After considering any or both the criteria, doctors look for the other symptoms like,

  • A change in frequency of bowel movements
  • Difference in form of stool defecated (hard or watery)
  • Change in the pattern of stool defecation (straining, incomplete, urgency)
  • Presence of mucus in stool for more than ¼th of your defecation’s
  • Bloating and abdominal distension for more than ¼th of your defecation of stools.


Surveys shows that women are more concerned about health and they meet up doctor as soon as possible. But these psychological differences help us with the survey report showing why fewer men with IBS are reporting to doctors.


Reports show that the gut in men is less sensitive. Female gut is very much sensitive to any abnormal defects or activities happening in the body. The culprit behind this sensitivity is estrogen, a hormone that plays a major role in a female body. Estrogen increases gut sensitivity. Hence the presence of gut in women make them more reactive and sensitive to not only gut related diseases but to a diseases or conditions that occur. The relation between the hormone activities with the nervous system that controls the gut (enteric nervous system) has to be studied more.


There are many differences in treatment modalities while comparing women and men. Certain treatment modalities have very less post operative pain in men when compared to women. Studies also show that men always have very less adverse reactions of drugs.

Nowadays reports reflect that the gender difference lies while considering the reluctance to seek treatment for IBS and their hesitation to follow up advice’s.

The number of men and women who are attending the survey and the clinical studies are less, and hence this data is not perfect to conclude the psychological, physiological, functional and diagnostic and symptomatic difference in women and men.

However IBS is not a disease that has more sex predilection to male than in female. The truth regarding gender and IBS is still left incomplete for better understanding. IBS might be with severe discomfort for one but will sound simple for the other. Regardless of gender it is important to seek advice, diagnose and get it treated initially rather than making it cross the levels and reaching the danger levels.

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