Infectious Colitis – Natural Remedy For Colon Problems

Infectious Colitis – Natural Remedy For Colon Problems


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As the name signifies, it is caused due to many infectious agents which can be bacteria, virus or even parasites. Colitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the lining of the colon. There are several types of colitis. Those include- infectious colitis, ischemic colitis, microscopic colitis and inflammatory bowel diseases which include ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. Rezvera is an all natural product that will help you solve your colon problems. Rezvera will aid the body to solve your digestive problems.

There lies an increased prevalence of infectious colitis which has also lead to increase in the morbidity and mortality rate. Colitis can be identified when the patient has increase in the number of bowel movements which are watery or lose (diarrhea) and when there is a positive fecal markers, with dysentery or when colonoscopy shows increase in mucosal inflammation.


When diarrhea is present within two weeks of onset of disease, it is said to be in acute state. It is present for more than a month with persistent diarrhea; it is termed as chronic infectious colitis.


Gastro intestinal track in human body is a one of the places where there is an increased flora of organisms present. It mainly includes bacteria in the colon. These bacteria when present in the right amount, has only provided good for digestive procedures. But when the disease causing bacteria, virus or parasite invades the intestine, trouble rises; it can invade the intestine mainly through contaminated food.

Viruses that cause infectious colitis include Rota virus, cytomegalovirus and Norwalk virus. The bacteria that cause infectious colitis are mainly found in food that is left in uncooked state or in expiry dated products or long run chicken. The main bacteria that are found in such food include Campylobacter, Shigella and Salmonella. In the section of parasites the one that cause infectious colitis include Giardis Lambia and cryptosporidium.

Although there exist a number of other organism that cause infectious colitis, these above mentioned ones are the most common in epidemiological point of view.


The symptoms may differ in intensity from person to person. The main signs and symptoms that are seen in infectious colitis include

  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Tenesmus (the urge to pass the stool even if the bowel is not filled or empty)
  • Presence of excess mucus or blood in the bowels


This gastro intestinal disorder is suspected in individuals who are suffering from systemic toxicity, fever and diarrhea. Doctors may present you with various related question to the situation you are facing. The medical and the epidemiological histories will help one medical professional to find out the right diagnosis.


The two main common methods that are followed in diagnosing infectious colitis include

  • Stool sample collection: The stool sample when cultured will show the presence of the virus, bacteria or the parasites which is also a confirmatory method of infectious colitis. When the fecal leukocyte test is conducted, the presence of WBC will provide various numbers of microscopic views.
  • Colonoscopy with biopsies: This diagnostic procedure is conducted by a well trained medical professional. It involves the insertion of a long tube like structure which has a camera attached to the tip. This colonscope is inserted through the rectum and the colon is observed well as the camera will show a very clear picture of colon. The doctor mainly looks for the signs of inflammation polyp’s presence, tumors and will take a tissue from the colon for biopsy testing.
  • CT scan (Computerized tomography): In this diagnostic method, Barium sulphate is introduced to your colon. The computerized tomography will provide an X-ray picture of the colon.


The infectious colitis will get resolved in a matter of days.

The main three group of drugs that are used in infectious colitis include

  • Antibiotics
  • Antidiarrheals
  • Antiparasitics


Some of the cases of infectious colitis can resolve in days itself. Some may require antibiotics, but when antibiotics are taken, there is an alteration in the bacterial floras that are present in the intestine.

The treatment not only includes certain medications, it requires the complete cooperation between the patient and the doctor. There are many alterations that one needs to follow when infected with Infectious colitis. The diet alterations should be strictly followed until the stage of the disease is at low severity. Certain medications and yoga can help you to prevent not only infectious colitis but also be in the right spirit of healthy life.

Patients with infectious colitis also have to be serious about the fluid and salt intake. It will help one to get rid of dehydration. In some cases of infectious colitis, doctor may advise to have an intravenous administration of fluid.

Certain treatment that is usually followed for diarrhea like having one or two doses of lopramide is not indicated to be done in case of infectious colitis.



Caffeine and alcohol should be strictly avoided for patients with infectious colitis. These two culprits will exacerbate an inflamed colon. If gas troubles are making your situation worse, say no to broccoli, beans, onions and cabbage. Milk and dairy products can also lead to gas and bloating troubles. Stay away from spicy food until the signs and symptoms of infectious colitis subside.


Avoid having huge meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rather have diets that are smaller and have it in increased frequency. This will help your colon to do its work in a much easier way.

Due to its increased prevalence, there has been an increase in the number of studies and researches in the pathobiology, epidemiology, and preventive strategies in this field under infectious colitis. However the right treatment or prevention modalities are still left incomplete.

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